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Happy birthday, old sport!

16 Apr

wave‘The Great Gatsby’ is ninety years old this year. Celebrate by reading these posts on Buzzfeed:



AS English Literature: Easter revision pack

17 Mar


Click the link below to read our Easter revision booklet, complete with advice, example essays, mark schemes and a revision checklist.


Become a Gatsby genius…

11 Mar


Here’s a link to a website on ‘The Great Gatsby’. It offers a study guide, online chapters and annotations.

Thug Notes: The Great Gatsby

6 Mar

Again, careful – Sparky Sweets, PhD, is a bit sweary. If the ‘b’ word offends, don’t watch!


Like video games?

6 Mar


The Great Gatsby

6 Mar

John Green on ‘The Great Gatsby’ – fast paced but crammed full with interesting ideas.




Great Gatsby things

11 Feb