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OM2G – some interesting stuff about self-awareness and cultural comedy

30 Jan


This blog contains some good points about how OM2G has translated to Broadway…


A Servant of Two Masters

30 Jan

200px-Carlo_GoldoniThere are some more points here about Goldoni’s original play, and check out the interview with the director on pg. 14 – defnitely relevant to One Man Two Guvnors…
A Servant of Two Masters production notes

Commedia dell’arte

30 Jan

I found this helpful little Powerpoint online and thought it might be helfpul as a means of discussing how OM2G uses the conventions of the traditional form…Slide1
















One Man Two Guvnors tasks/ links

28 Jan

Hello everyone,OM2G

To help you with your coursework, here are the choice of tasks, as well as some videos and materials that I have found. Remember that it’s perfectly acceptable to refer to the performance that we watched in Glasgow, as well as notes from the programme and the pack below…

One Man Two Guvnors_background June 2012

  • How do the cultural references used in One Man Two Guvnors appeal to the audience? Discuss with reference to two key scenes.
  • How does the dinner scene in One Man Two Guvnors draw together a range of comic features to engage the audience?
  • To what extent is the audience’s involvement the most effective comic device used in One Man Two Guvnors? (incorporating aside/ participation/ manipulation etc) Discuss with reference to two key scenes.
  • Richard Bean’s use of social stereotypes generates comedy for the audience, but how? Discuss with reference to two key scenes or characters.
  • Does the ending of One Man Two Guvnors conform to the traditions of a comic resolution?
  • One Man Two Guvnors could be seen as a very self-aware comedy. Discuss in relation to two key scenes or characters.
  • How successfully does Richard Bean combine high and low comedy in two key scenes of One Man Two Guvnors?

An interview with James Corden and Richard Bean (writer) and Nicholas Hytner (director) about the production:

A 5* review from The Guardian:

An interview with Richard Bean (audio)

Behind the scenes: how do they stage One Man Two Guvnors?

An interview with different cast members – some nice clips of the dinner scene here…

The following is the first in a series of 16 clips from The National Theatre, incorporating interviews, video diaries and interviews…

12P4’s presentations relating to One Man, Two Guvnors

7 Dec

Farce by Issy, Poppy, Flora and Eliza

Critical Reception of Richard Bean’s One Man, Two Guvnors by Nicole, Charoltte, Corah and Jess

Commedia dell’arte by Brogan, Maria-Pia, Muatayo and Billie
Commedia dell’arte

The life and works of Carlo Goldoni by Naomi, Ander and Edwin