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Y11 Poetry Exam

14 Mar

GCSE Unseen Poetry: Poe

7 Mar

One of the poets whose work might be used for the Unseen Poetry section of the GCSE English Literature exam is Edgar Allan Poe.

Here’s Annabel Lee…as interpreted by MC Lars. #lithop

Flow like Poe…

7 Mar

A wonderful whirlwind tour of poetic metre. Don’t know your pentameter from your tetrameter? Watch this:

Year 11E5 Poetry – Found poems…

14 Sep











Hitcher by Simon Armitage

2 May

This video makes me giggle, even though the poem itself is really disturbing!

Our Sharpville

2 May

Paignton School strikes again:

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Conscientious Objector Revision

2 May

I can’t say it any better than this so here’s a link to a school in Devon who have done the hard work for me! Thank you 🙂