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TED Talk: the hip-hop of Shakespeare

7 Mar

Macbeth in 5 Minutes

6 Mar

From Sparknotes:

Revising ‘Macbeth’?

6 Mar

Have a watch of this Shakespeare Retold version of ‘Macbeth’:

(It’s in nine parts – just follow the links to the next video to keep watching)

Lady Macbeth CA

21 Jan

Dear all,

Here are the materials which I sent to all of you to help you prepare for your Lady Macbeth CA. This will take place in the second week back after half term (w/c 18th Feb) so make sure you do some work!

Lady Macbeth and Macbeth key scenes

Lady Macbeth grid

Controlled assessment resit paragraph plan Helps you know what to write in each paragraph…

Macbeth resit controlled assessment blank plan Use this to write out your notes…

Mrs Sapsford

Other useful Macbeth links

24 May

Want more Macbeth stuff? Well, here goes…

Some challenging stuff from the Royal Shakespeare company

A clip about the character of Lady Macbeth

Some AMAZING clips exploring the characters and their relationship – well worth spending time looking through…

Macbeth assessment: what’s it all about?

24 May

Hello year 10,

The following bits and bobs are to help you prepare for your forthcoming Macbeth assessment which will take place in two halves: 1 hour during exam week (the week beginning the 6th June) and one hour in our Tuesday morning double lesson the following week.

Mrs Sapsford will be running a Macbeth clinic in E6 on Tuesday and Thursday from 4-6ish this coming week (week beginning 28th May). Bring along your notes if you want some help with planning.

Useful things that you may need:

Lost your planning sheet?

Need another paragraph plan?

Want to see the mark scheme?

Need a refresher of the storyline? Check out the clips below…
Animated tales (in 3 parts so follow the link at the end of each section) – uses Shakespeare’s language and has subtitles: how useful.

Still haven’t got it? Here’s a quick summary of the whole thing…

Polanski: the handwashing scene

14 Oct