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CLA: What comes before words?

8 Apr

Source: TubeChop – Chop YouTube Videos

Watch this clip for a quick introduction to in utero language development.


Fancy some ‘Blood Brothers’ revision?

6 Apr

Below you’ll find two resources to help you learn quotations for the play, ‘Blood Brothers’. Both of these resources were designed by other teachers who you might want to follow on Twitter: @shadylady222 and @Mr_Bunker_edu

Blood Brothers quotes @shadylady222

Blood Brothers High Utility Quotes @Mr_Bunker_edu


English Language: pangrams

16 Jan

In English, a sentence which contains all the letters of the alphabet is known as a pangram, or a holoalphabetic sentence. A famous example of a pangram is ‘the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog’.

Guess what? It finally happened!


Year 10 exchange

15 Dec

If you will be departing for exchange next term, have a wonderful time! The exchange work which has been set can be found below (make sure to open the right files for your course):

Sets 1 and 2 (English Language and Literature)




Sets 3 and 4 (English Language and Media Studies)




Poems of the Decade

8 Mar


Worth a read!

Of Mice and Men

1 Oct

Year 11 should now be turning their attention to the November mock exams. It’s a good idea to re-read ‘Of Mice and Men’ in preparation for this.

Here’s a digital copy:

Of Mice and Men – digital book


GCSE summer reading

27 Jun

If you are about to go into Year 11 in sets 1, 2 and 3, you’ll be studying George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’ for your Literature exam.

Here are some suggestions for other texts you might read in preparation for this:

Summer Reading List