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Much Ado About Nothing: resources from around the web, all in one place

27 Jun

Hello all,

Here are some links to look at when thinking about Much Ado. Whether you need a refresher on the plot or want to consider characterisation and theme in detail, there’s something here that’s bound to help.
This page tells you a bit about the process of producing the Shakespeare Retold version of Much Ado:
Some interesting points about Joss Whedon’s new film:

Much Ado at The Globe (the whole play is accessible in parts)


Much Ado About Nothing – new stuff!

25 Jun

Joss Whedon’s new adaptation comes out soon – can it top the year 12 production this year? Surely not!

Here’s the director talking about the choices he made during the shooting of the movie:

This version is very different but even the trailer made me laugh…

Critical Reading on Much Ado about Nothing

5 Nov

Here are some essays which may add weight to your coursework on Much Ado…

An essay on the significance of ‘Nothing’

Beatrice and Benedick

Gender politics and relationships in Much Ado

Much Ado about Something

Reading of Kenneth Branagh’s film (good for looking at men/ womena dn complexities of love)

Shakespeare’s use of comedy in tragedy You could reverse this and think about the use of tragic elements in comedy too, especially if your focus is on Hero…

The Common Folk of Shakespeare Good if you’re looking at Dogberry

Wit and Wisdom in Much Ado

Deception in Much Ado

Beatrice character study- useful stuff about the place of women in Elizabethan society