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Trying to learn quotations?

7 May

Here’s a song to help you out with ‘Romeo and Juliet’ quotations for the Literature paper. Enjoy!

And another for ‘A Christmas Carol’:


Quiz yourself

6 Apr

Here’s a link to a very useful Quizlet resource for learning language and structure vocabulary:

‘A Christmas Carol’ revision resources

6 Apr

Revising poetry?

6 Apr

This playlist is a work in progress, but it will help you revise the poems in the Conflict Anthology.

Revising ‘Romeo and Juliet’?

6 Apr

Mr Bruff has your back. Watch this series of videos by Mr Bruff on ‘Romeo and Juliet’. Make notes as you watch.



GCSE Practice Papers

6 Apr

Below you’ll find lots of downloadable practice papers for GCSE English:


Blood brothers questions

Conflict Poetry

Romeo and Juliet – Act 4 scene 3


Language Paper One:

English language Creative writing 1

English language Creative writing 2

English language Creative writing 3

English Language Paper 1 Jekyll and Hyde

GCSE Language Paper 1 JH


Language Paper Two:

English Language Paper 2 – Non-fiction analysis holiday accidents

English Language Paper 2 – Non-fiction analysis Pets and Animals

English Language Paper 2 – Non-fiction writing 1

English Language Paper 2 – Non-fiction writing 2

English Language Paper 2, practice 3 – Non-fiction analysis technology

English Language Paper 2, practice 4 – Non-fiction analysis Australia



GCSE updates

6 Apr

Ofqual – the body responsible for monitoring exam boards – have updated their advice about grades this summer. Previously, the government had indicated that a Grade 5 will be seen as a ‘good’ pass. This language, and the slightly conflicting messages about the merits of Grades 4 and 5, have been set aside this week.

Now Grade 4 will be the level of a ‘standard’ pass, while Grade 5 will be recognised as a ‘strong’ pass.  So, in short, no one who achieves a Grade 4 or higher will face the prospect of re-sits in the Sixth form.

Ofqual have also estimated the proportions of students who will be awarded each grade this summer. Bear in mind, these are only estimates:

grade estimate

Lastly, a petition asking MPs in the House of Commons to consider the closed book nature of the new GCSEs in English has gained nearly 110,000 signatures. MPs will debate the changes in Westminster on the 24th April.