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Language and Power theories

25 Apr


Language and gender

25 Apr

The attached document makes for some interesting extension reading on the issue of language and gender.

Eckert, 2002 – Language and gender

AS English Language – practice

13 Apr

Here’s another practice paper for Component One, Section B.

Practice paper – component one section b ronnie corbett

Practice for AS English language

8 Apr

Looking for some practice exam materials? Here’s a resource for Component One, section B – the comparison of texts.

Practice paper – component one section b cookery

Language and gender extension material

6 Apr

Studying AS English language? Check out these resources to broaden your understanding of the issues.



Mary Anning #womenshistorymonth

A linguistic anthropologist explains why, um, “filler words” are OK to use

6 Apr

If you’re studying AS or A Level English Language, this article is a good read:

Quiz yourself

6 Apr

Here’s a link to a very useful Quizlet resource for learning language and structure vocabulary: