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Year 13 – Language Change – Timeline resources

11 Sep

Your task

Create a timeline of the developments in the English Language, and the history and context which surrounds this development.  You can use the resources below to help you.


Context sort

Potted history



English Language – Mrs B – MLE clip

1 Sep

Dear All

The clip you need for your prep is here:


Remember you need to comment on what reasons are given for the language change, and how the change from cockney to MLE has come about.  Use the notes you took in lesson to remind you of the possible whys and hows of language change.

Language and Power theories

25 Apr


Language and gender

25 Apr

The attached document makes for some interesting extension reading on the issue of language and gender.

Eckert, 2002 – Language and gender

AS English Language – practice

13 Apr

Here’s another practice paper for Component One, Section B.

Practice paper – component one section b ronnie corbett

Practice for AS English language

8 Apr

Looking for some practice exam materials? Here’s a resource for Component One, section B – the comparison of texts.

Practice paper – component one section b cookery

Language and gender extension material

6 Apr

Studying AS English language? Check out these resources to broaden your understanding of the issues.



Mary Anning #womenshistorymonth