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Chaucer: article from the EMC

17 May

Voices in The Wife of Bath_s Tale


Frankenstein help

7 May

Mr Bruff’s created a monster: here’s a handy quotations song to speed you up on the prose paper.

Language and gender

25 Apr

The attached document makes for some interesting extension reading on the issue of language and gender.

Eckert, 2002 – Language and gender

20 Apr

The Handmaid’s Tale Is a Warning to Conservative Women

Hulu’s adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s novel lays bare the horrors of collusion with the patriarchy.



Chaucer revision

13 Apr

Here’s a document with a number of practice exam questions for ‘The Wife of Bath’.

The Wife of Bath – revision questions

Forgotten your copy of ‘The Wife of Bath’?

8 Apr

The Wife of Bath Digital Text

A linguistic anthropologist explains why, um, “filler words” are OK to use

6 Apr

If you’re studying AS or A Level English Language, this article is a good read: