Understanding your results: AS English Language

15 Aug

On August 13th, you should have received your AS results. This post is designed to help you make sense of those.

Firstly, you’ll see that you have a mark and a grade for two units: EngB1 and EngB2. EngB1 is the code for the external exam while EngB2 is the code for your coursework. You should not have an overall grade for AS English Language unless you left school at the end of June.

EngB1 (the exam) is marked out of 96 – these are what we call ‘raw marks’. The exam board converts these raw marks into ‘uniform marks’ (UMS) to give you a final mark out of 120. Likewise, LitB2 (the coursework) is marked out of 80 and then (rather confusingly) turned into a UMS mark out of 80.

To figure out what grade you have for your AS work, add together your UMS marks for both EngB1 and EngB2. Below are the grade boundaries for the AS qualification:

A: 160-200

B: 140-159

C: 120-139

D: 100-119

E: 80-99

U: 0-79


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