Daniel’s Words of the Day

6 Mar

Yesterday Daniel taught his class three new words which might be useful for writing about ‘Animal Farm’ (although, admittedly, some are more useful than others!)


– a noun.

– It means slander, defamation, to make false statements about someone else in order to hurt their reputation.

E.g. In ‘Animal Farm’, Napolean’s speeches are marked by calumny against Snowball.



– a verb

– to do away with something, get rid of something, or repeal a law.

E.g. Napolean abrogates the weekly meetings and the singing of ‘Beasts of England’. This shows his growing corruption.



a verb (although it is normally only used for humorous purposes)

– to leave quickly

E.g. Snowball absquatulated from Animal Farm after being chased by Napolean’s dogs.



Just for English language fans, absquatulate is a blend word:



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