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Much Ado About Nothing: resources from around the web, all in one place

27 Jun

Hello all,

Here are some links to look at when thinking about Much Ado. Whether you need a refresher on the plot or want to consider characterisation and theme in detail, there’s something here that’s bound to help.
This page tells you a bit about the process of producing the Shakespeare Retold version of Much Ado:
Some interesting points about Joss Whedon’s new film:

Much Ado at The Globe (the whole play is accessible in parts)


Much Ado About Nothing – new stuff!

25 Jun

Joss Whedon’s new adaptation comes out soon – can it top the year 12 production this year? Surely not!

Here’s the director talking about the choices he made during the shooting of the movie:

This version is very different but even the trailer made me laugh…

Year 12 Literature – Romantics documentary project

10 Jun

Hello all,

As you know, we are studying the Romantics at the moment to ready you for next year and now that you have a grasp of some of the basic concepts, we would like you to do some research on a famous Romantic poet (you will be given the options by your teacher). Once you have gathered your research, we would like you to turn it into a documentary which you will film around campus. See if you can seek out the most sublime of places…
Here is some inspiration from different documentaries; which style will you go for? Mrs Sapsford can help you with editing software if you aren’t confident! We’ll see the screenings of these documentaries at the end of next week (w/c 17th June)…

Excitable and bold? Bear Grylls takes on a lobster

Quizzical and slightly bemused? Louis Theroux in San Quentin prison

Musical? Rosa Parks on Horrible Histories