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12P4’s presentations on Browning and Aspects of Narrative

19 Mar


Browning by Mutuayo

Browning by Brogan

Aspects of Narrative

Aspects of Narrative by Poppy

Aspects Of Narrative by Corah and Charlotte (brace yourself for the sound effects!)

I can’t get this one to embed properly so here’s a link to Nicole, Jess and Bili’s presentation:


Cousin Kate revision

19 Mar

Check out this link to another Clashes and Collisions blog:

Here’s some useful info too:

I love this little animation…

Revising My Last Duchess

18 Mar

Here are some resources to help you with this…duchess

Here’s a ‘gritty’ reading of the poem: what do you think of it?

How does it compare to this version?

Or this version?

What do they have in common? What impression do they give you of the Duke?

This study guide is useful: My Last Duchess

As is this sheet: My Last Duchess linguistic features

This analysis video is quite nice too…

Browning’s The Laboratory

15 Mar

Here are some study questions to remind you of Browning’s techniques in The Laboratory:poison

The Laboratory summary notes

Sweet revenge questions

Also, check out this performance of the poem… How does it fit with your ideas of the narrator?


Amazing Clashes and Collisions booklet

13 Mar

I found this while trawling the tinterweb for you… It comes from another school so I’m not taking credit for it…genius

Useful tasks to help you revise the poems 🙂

Clashes and collisions booklet

Another useful resource for all the poems:

And a set of crib sheets for each poem

Don’t say I never give you anything…


13 Mar

kurdish-iraqi-military-clash-300x200Some background information on Choman Hardi:


12 Mar

Catrin    – Gillian Clarke

 I can remember you, child,
As I stood in a hot, white
Room at the window watching
The people and cars taking
Turn at the traffic lights.
I can remember you, our first
Fierce confrontation, the tight
Red rope of love which we both
Fought over. It was square
Environmental blank, disinfected
Of paintings or toys. I wrote
All over the walls with my
Words, coloured the clean squares
With the wild, tender circles
Of our struggle to become
Separate. We want, we shouted,
To be two, to be ourselves.

Neither won nor lost the struggle
In the glass tank clouded with feelings
Which changed us both. Still I am fighting
You off, as you stand there
With your straight, strong, long

Brown hair and your rosy,
Defiant glare, bringing up
From the heart’s pool that old rope,
Tightening about my life,
Trailing love and conflict,
As you ask may you skate
In the dark, for one more hour.

Here are some resources to help you: Go to the ‘for students’ tab at the top and then select ‘poems A-Z’. There is a link to questions about Catrin on the left-hand side with Gillian Clarke’s answers for you. How useful.