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Jekyll and Hyde: some summary notes

13 Feb

Jekyll and Hyde penguin notes_Page_1 Jekyll and Hyde penguin notes_Page_2 Jekyll and Hyde penguin notes_Page_3 Jekyll and Hyde penguin notes_Page_4 Jekyll and Hyde penguin notes_Page_5

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Jekyll and Hyde: how to tackle the extract-based questions

13 Feb

Hello all,jekyll_and_hyde

Some of you have been asking for exemplars on how to analyse the extracts and although we will look at some student work from past candidates, here are a couple of extracts that I have pulled to pieces so that you can see how to get to grips with close language analysis, use of technical terminology, theme and effect upon the reader. Remember that you will only have about an hour on J&H in the exam, and during that time you will have to answer 4 questions on it. I’ve included the mark scheme here too if you wanted a head start on this… Happy reading!

J&H Q2 extract with annotations

Q4 extract with annotations

J&H questions mark scheme


Great Gatsby things

11 Feb