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Writing for the Spoken Voice: 3rd and 4th December

21 Nov

Hello all,

These are the choices for the other Spoken Language CA which you will be doing at the beginning of December. Choose wisely!

Write a script that contains between 30 seconds and 2minutes of spoken language for:

  • a TV documentary OR
  • a TV advertisement OR
  • a sitcom

Your script must be completely orginal BUT it can be for a TV documentary, advertisement or sitcom which already exists. (24 marks)


Write the script for a podcast of up to 1000 words in which you inform people about a topic of your choice. (24 marks)
If you’re interested in podcasts, check out this link:

Here are some clips for inspiration:


Some useful things for language analysis

17 Nov

This Language terminology sheet should prove useful, as should the clips below from a very helpful teacher on YouTube.

Year 11: Spoken Language study task

9 Nov

You will be doing your second CA for Unit 3 English Language (The Spoken Language) on the 10th and 11th of December.
‘What will I have to do?!’ I hear you cry! Well, this…

Using two examples of spoken language, comment on the way people use language for different purposes.
You should comment on:
• how the purpose of the spoken language affects the way it is used
• how the audience affects the language that is used
• how formal or informal the language is
• how the language used influences other speakers and listeners
(24 marks)

‘But which examples of spoken language will I be analysing?’ Well, these… be warned, the first one is incredibly sad so make sure you have a tissue handy (seriously).

Year 10 – Of Mice and Men – a bit of context

7 Nov


OMAM Historical_politcal_background_(intro)

and here:

Critical Reading on Much Ado about Nothing

5 Nov

Here are some essays which may add weight to your coursework on Much Ado…

An essay on the significance of ‘Nothing’

Beatrice and Benedick

Gender politics and relationships in Much Ado

Much Ado about Something

Reading of Kenneth Branagh’s film (good for looking at men/ womena dn complexities of love)

Shakespeare’s use of comedy in tragedy You could reverse this and think about the use of tragic elements in comedy too, especially if your focus is on Hero…

The Common Folk of Shakespeare Good if you’re looking at Dogberry

Wit and Wisdom in Much Ado

Deception in Much Ado

Beatrice character study- useful stuff about the place of women in Elizabethan society


Of Mice and Men: useful links

5 Nov

Lots of useful information whether you are revising the novel or reading it for the first time. Beware that there are spoilers here! You might want to hold fire if you haven’t read the end yet… I HATE it when people divulge the end! (the video from this is below)

Resources for the Spoken Language – yr11 sets 1,2,3

5 Nov

Here are some bits and bobs to help you think about writing for the Spoken Language… Enjoy exploring!
Analaysing Language: useful terminology

Extract from Almost Famous script

Extract from Juno script

Outnumbered script  Lots of podcasts to listen to and explore here…