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A View from the Bridge: useful links

19 Sep


A View from the Bridge on Broadway

19 Sep

In 2010, A View from the Bridge played on Broadway to rave reviews. It starred Liev Schreiber (from The Painted Veil) and Scarlett Johansson (who won a Tony award for her portrayal of Catherine). Here are some clips of the actors talking about the play, and some of them in action on stage.

A short documentary about the new production:

The cast talk about the show:

A clip from early in the play: ‘You’re walking wavy…’

Eddie tells Catherine she can’t take the job she’s been offered. Boo you, Eddie!

‘You don’t know nothin’ Eddie warns Beatrice and Catherine to keep quiet about Marco and Rodolfo. Oh, the irony.

‘When am I gonna be a wife again, Eddie?’

Beatrice tells Catherine to grow up around Eddie

Catherine and Rodolfo before the two kisses

Alfieri gives Eddie his last word

Where’s Klaus?

19 Sep

Year 10 – Sound!

14 Sep

Year 10 – All about light!

14 Sep

10E5 – Film analysis

13 Sep


Here is the sheet I gave you in class today

top media film analysis terms

And here is the video:

Prep: Answer the following question using your notes and trying to PEE
How is the ‘Doctor Who’trailer made exciting?
Due Tuesday.

Mrs B

Mini documentaries on elements of A View from the Bridge

5 Sep

Wanna know more about context, intentions or character interpretations? Look no further. Beware of some spoilers though if you haven’t read much of it yet… You’ve been warned…