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And now examples of music for MONSTERS for Yr 9 epic verse

19 Oct

Here’s the “Jaws” theme – you could think of it as you create the arrival of your monster in the poem.

Or, if you prefer, the dramatic theme from “Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein”


HERO music for Yr 9 poetry

19 Oct

Here’s the YouTube clip I showed in class today.  Think of the music as a background for your description of your hero’s arrival if that helps you to create a dramatic entry in your epic verse.

Dr G

OR there’s always a dramatic little number from the 1980s

Did you spot the theme linking these?


Persuasive Writing Example

19 Oct

Dear Yr 10 Foodies,

Here is a text by Joanna Lumley I have found, with a few questions added at the end.  You should use it to help you to work on your persuasive texts for the Controlled Assessment.

Dr G

Joanna Lumley persuasive style model

Miss Gibson’s Year 9 class: FAVOURITE SONGS

15 Oct

Polanski: the handwashing scene

14 Oct


4 Oct

This useful little acronym will help you to analyse the reading assessment texts, and you should try to include some of the techniques mentioned in your writing assessment too. Here’s a little reminder of what the letters stand for…

A selection of Polanski clips

3 Oct

Annoying subtitles but this clip covers Act 1:7 (trying to convince Macbeth) and how he behaves during and after the murder. If you watch the clips that come after it you can see the whole movie…

The banquet scene