Year 9 Exam

7 Jun

Dear Year 9s,

Here is the exam paper you will have to answer next week.  Read it carefully so that you are sure about what you need to do.

Remember that the exam has two sections: Section A, The Reading Task and Section B, The Writing Task.  Each section is worth 20 marks, so you must divide your time equally between them.

You may prepare one side of notes for each section and take those notes into the exam with you.  More information will be provided in class, so listen carefully.

Dr G

Section A: The Reading Task

Your task is to compare the material from two texts on technological media (20 marks)

In your comparison you must:

explore how the writers communicate their ideas and perspectives

• comment on how the writers use presentation and language

include examples to illustrate the points you make.

Section B: The Writing Task

Complete one task from those below.


Write the wording for a speech that you will deliver in Chapel about a technological issue of your choice. (20 marks)


Write a letter to the headmaster explaining why investment in technology is beneficial to the school. (20 marks)


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